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Dear Raymond,                                                                                               April 27, 2015

            It has been a little less than a year since you have taught me the most value lesson of all time, how to get over any fear.  Before we confronted my fright together, my anxiety had been a beast that controlled me on the inside. This beast, had restrained me from having fun or even a good time. It stopped me from going up mountains, riding amazing rollercoasters, going zip lining, jumping of diving boards, and climbing up stairs. Thank to what you did I got over my fear of heights and could do all of that as if they were nothing. I had taken over that giant beast made from fear and finally gotten over my uneasiness of heights for good.

            Do you still remember that day, when you help me climb that gigantic tree to get to the top? How did you even have time to help me out, since you are the Director of Camp Guaikinima and are so busy with all the activities and every thing else? You helped me on the first step, and then the next step, and then the next step, and the next one, and so forth, until I finally reached the top. That moment when I finally made it to the top with all the pouring rain and the roaring thunder I felt like the king of the world. I got rid of something that didn’t need to be there, I learned the rope course was safe so there was no reason for me to worry, and that I could do anything. That day was the best day I have ever had and it was thanks to you. This was so helpful, because now I didn’t have to worry about ever going down something that humongous ever again. You showed me that the rope course was safe and that if I fell you would catch me (because you were on the other end of the rope,) so I had nothing to be terrified of.

Thanks to what you have taught me I could get over any fear that comes my way. After the camp had ended during the summer, I went to Universal with a couple of friends. While I was about to go on a ride I was trembling, like I was scared.  So the first thing I did, even though I was afraid, I jumped on the ride and it turned out it was a blast. I chose to confront my fear and was able to have fun. Now, when any one is confronted with a fear, I could help them so they can at least try out what they are scared and show that particular thing is not that bad.  You have shown me how to get over any horror, and how to help other confront their own terrors.

Your Friend,

Brian Black

Dear Raymond and Isabel

Once again I wish to congratulate you for the great work you do with Guaikinima camp. For Eduardo has been and remains one of the biggest, emotional, enriching, exciting experiences that definitely marked his life.

Let me tell you that I am in Germany and talk with the mom of Eduardo's German friend, Max. He had a great time and want's to go back. So you have another fan of Guaikinima ......

I'm also writting you because Milagros, Max's mom told me that she gave you a very important document they sent to me from Germany. Please saved it for me and I will pick it up when a return from my trip

Again, thanks for everything and my apologies to Isabel because Eduardo received all my letters and were unopened in his suitcase.


Gabriela Blanco

Dear Sirs

Through this we wish to state that Guaikinima Camp, where our daughter Daniella Rodriguez Pazos has been attending for the last four years has provided an excellent opportunity for personal development; this experience has manifested itself in the areas of teamwork, physical development, self-sufficiency (self-confidence) and formation of values. In addition, this camp has been carried out in areas that have allowed participants an appreciation for nature and the importance of environmental conservation so necessary in our times.

The management has extensive experience in the development of these activities (supported by the broad curriculum in the area) and has managed to convey this knowledge to support staff who together have enabled participants feel as a family linked by common goals for the benefit of the community we all share. This spirit is maintained throughout the year through the contacts extending during the months between seasons on the initiative of the participants.

For our daughter her annual participation in this camp represents a priority during the holiday period where young people need to devote the time available to complement formal academic training and that they receive in the family.


Armando Pazos Arreaza

Dear Raymond:

I wanted to write you this letter to tell you that you are very cool and let you know that I loved the camp  and would like to attend the rest of my life if I could, or until you led me. I really liked it The camp. Words can not say how good it felt to share with so many people without my mom. The truth, I loved it. The counselors are excellent friends willing to help whatever. Everyone asks me what was the most became endearingly attached and I have always answered that I never had a favorite because they were all friends and would love to see them again. But of course, especially I would like to see my cabin counselors: Numa and Eduardo. I liked the food and cooks. Upon reflection, I wish there were more cabins so many children could go to Guaikinima and have the opportunity to share with other children their age. I am writing this letter a day after the end of the camp. Although you do not believe me, I'm sad because it's hard to be with 60 people for 3 weeks of laughter, games and fun, and then everything goes back to normal in the torment of Caracas where it is not like the peace there. At least for me it is difficult to know have to wait 365 days to live it again. But no matter, something as good as Guaikinima is worth waiting for. Meanwhile I go to school and make sure I get good grades so I can go next year, God willing. You're a very loving and kind person, so I like to follow writing, if you accept it, to tell you how I feel. I hope you write me back. I would like you to share this letter with the counselors.

Your friend forever,

Javier Santiago Espinoza

Translated from the original in Spanish