Discover your full potential in Camp Guaikinima - Guaikinima Philosophy

Camp Guaikinima has an Activity Strategy and a Life Philosophy based on Adventure and the potential that each one has.

The philosophy of Camp Guaikinima and Raymond Cidad and his children is that boys learn and grow by challenging themselves and competing healthily with others. This Philosophy of "Discovering your full potential" encourages campers to self-esteem, self-confidence, successful adaptation to multiple environments, respect for others and love of nature. Our adventure activities are designed to encourage in the campers stimulating and unforgettable experiences.

The children of these new generations no longer play as much in nature as did their Parents and Grandparents. It is a question of taking our children away from the comfort zone (parents, home, TV, cell phone, computer, school environment, etc.) to face new and unknown challenges.

Much more than just being a Camp of games, regular activities and crafts; Camp Guaikinima is designed to live challenging, competitive and healthy adventures. That's why we have incorporated unique and exclusive activities in Air, Earth and Water as: High Ropes (Rapel, Team Ladder, Horizontal Bean and bridge); Survival (Camping, orientation and handling of the compass) and Water Sports (Water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, tubbing, canoe, kayak)The Human Being has programmed fundamental fears that inhibit him from being successful and happy.

Camp Guaikinima helps them learn how to handle those fears that allows them to discover their full potential!