Are you ready to begin the summer camp?

Go thru this checklist to find out, make sure you are ready to have the best summer camp experience possible.

1. Register: Give us your information so we know you are interested and we'll give you a call.

2. Make the decision: check us out in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and in this site to know who we are, if you are not sure if a summer camp is for you, give us a call (954) 654-0395

3. Save your spot: To reserve your spot you must do a $500 deposit, just follow the instructions once you create your account in the system.

4. Fill the camper application form: You will need health information (allergies, vaccinations) make sure you are ready before beginning it on our system.

5. Camper equipment: what should each camper bring to come to camp. Click the button to the right to get the camper equipment.

6. The yellow T-Shirts: You'll need at least 4 Guaikinima yellow shirts. Price $12 each. We also have other awesome products, customized towels, hats, backpacks. Do you want to see more? Send us an email to with exactly what you need

7. Finish your payment plan: Must be done before the bus day. 

8. Bring your friends: This is a life changing experience, bring everyone you would like to share this adventure with.

9. Get on the bus: We'll meet at Weston Regional Park, this 28th of June at 10:00 am for the first session and the 19th of July for the second session.