Are you ready to begin the summer camp?

Go thru this checklist to find out, make sure you are ready to have the best summer camp experience possible.

1. Register: Give us your information so we know you are interested and we'll give you a call.

2. Make the decision: check us out in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and in this site to know who we are, if you are not sure if a summer camp is for you, give us a call (954) 654-0395

3. Save your spot: To reserve your spot you must do a $500 deposit with the name of the camper in the memo. And let us know you have done this by email to Click the button to the right to get payment options

4. Fill the camper application form: You will need health information (allergies, vaccinations) make sure you are ready before beginning it

5. Insurance card and picture: Send us by email a passport style photo of the camper and copy of insurance card to

6. Camper equipment: what should each camper bring to come to camp. Click the button to the right to get the camper equipment.

7. The yellow T-Shirts: You'll need at least 4 Guaikinima yellow shirts. Price $12 each. We also have other awesome products, customized towels, hats, backpacks. Do you want to see more? Send us an email to with exactly what you need

8. Finish your payment plan: Must be done before the bus day. 

9. Bring your friends: This is a life changing experience, bring everyone you would like to share this adventure with.

10. Get on the bus: We'll meet at Weston Regional Park, this 1st of July at 10:00 am for the first session and the 22nd of July for the second session.