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Summer Camps in South Florida


With 24 years of experience directing summer camps and recreation-educational programs for children and adolescents throughout the year in Venezuela... Now we have summer camp programs in Ocala Florida, less than one hour from Orlando USA.

... We have consolidated a work style and philosophy that is based on the development of programs and one of the best summer camps for kidsthat combine fun with the complementary development of the child, in contact with nature, away from everyday life, living new experiences and developing new skills that will teach them valuable knowledge for their personal growth.

Our staff is a professional team composed of counselors who are highly experienced in the management of groups, especially children. They are willing to give their best to ensure that campers get an unforgettable experience in one of the best kids summer camps. In order to be updated, we make sure we are in constant training, especially those counselors who are in charge of water activities like ski, canoeing and sailing, which are always supervised directly by Rodrigo my son, and me. Raymond Cidad

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